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Seeds of Slavery by Joseph F. Baiden

BASED ON TRUE EVENTS — Two businessmen seduced by the opportunities of the Gold Coast. Two lovers twice denied happiness by another man’s greed. Two young men of mixed African and European heritage exploited by unscrupulous leaders from both worlds. One boy who makes his own destiny . . .


Abura Publishing is an independent book publisher and part of Abura Group of companies. Abura Publishing provides comprehensive and innovative publishing alternatives to individuals with self-publishing aspirations. The company will take your manuscript from the start to finish to a well-defined book. Our team of experts working with Abura Publishing has an impeccable background and experience.

We continually evaluate the professionals and insist on accountability, reliability and professionalism. Yes, Abura Publishing makes authors’ lives easier while enjoying great sense of accomplishment. Authors who choose Abura Publishing retain all rights to intellectual property, receive all royalties and personalized service.

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